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We make your company or organisation fit and resilient, especially in emergency and crisis situations. Our focus is the identification of risks and weaknesses in order to prevent emergency situations.  It is important to us that the documents we produce are not only certifiable, but also practical.

We can advise you on the planning and implementation of suitable precautionary measures. Thanks to the practical experience of our team of experts as well as demanding training courses, we can provide you with everyday security. The key is to be prepared, not only in the case of an emergency.

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Emergency and Crisis Management

The introduction and implementation of suitable precautionary measures and emergency manuals which are usable in practice provide you with everyday security. Be prepared, not only in an emergency.

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Risk Analysis and Management

If you know your risks and dependencies, you can prevent an emergency situation effectively. The definition of tolerable downtimes and emergency levels is an important tool for coping with emergencies.

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Hospital Alarm Response Planning

Modern hospital alarm planning is not only designed for a large-scale influx of injured or sick people, but also takes into account all risks to business activities in a hospital (e.g. power or drinking water failure).

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Combating Corruption

Combating corruption is more than just a compliance guideline, it forms an important part of a company’s resilience strategy. The impact of a corruption incident can directly threaten the existence of a company.

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Crisis Communication

Today, social media is an essential information source for employees, customers, shareholders and crisis staff. Obtaining and publishing information with appropriate care and speed can make a decisive contribution to coping with emergencies.

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Cyber Security

In the digital world, cyber security has become increasingly important. Even the most advanced technology can’t function without an organizational structure which meets the requirements of detection, reaction and coping with cyber crime.

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Supply chain: Risk assessment in general

The mere consideration of financially oriented risks is no longer sufficient in today's logistics. Rather, aspects such as risk management, sustainability and social requirements are of great relevance as a result of society. Several studies show, however, that many companies have not yet implemented risk management, nor have plans been drawn up to do so. Medium-sized companies in particular [...]

Climate change as a business risk?

Climate change and its consequences are painfully felt in many areas and increasingly pose a threat to people and the environment. According to the German Weather Service (DWD), "around 9% more precipitation falls over the year than 140 years ago". The increase in heat waves and hot days can also be clearly seen in the climate report of the [...]

Abuse of trust: The underestimated danger

Trust generates an expectation of a certain type of behaviour. This expectation of behaviour is the basis of all private, professional and business relationships. If the trust is abused, misled about ones true intentions and fooled, the trust is "BROKEN". For organizations and their processes, a breach of trust by the people involved means the destruction of process security, [...]

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